On September 17, 1948, residents of Mount Dora met to discuss forming a little theater.  Enthusiasm was so great that officers were elected that very night.  Within days, a former ice plant was located, and although it needed much work, it was acoustically perfect.  With a lease in hand, The IceHouse Players were on their way!

The IceHouse Players opened to a full house on February 7, 1949 with “Return Engagement.”  The troupe  continued to produce quality theatrical performances in the converted ice plant for ten years.  

In 1957, on land donated by the municipality, the current 270-seat facility was built; it opened in the fall of 1958 with "The Solid Gold Cadillac."

In 2011, a major renovation of the lobby, terrace, box office and landscaping was launched with an extraordinary gift from The Sonnentag Foundation.  Through the largesse of Clarence and Chris Kolek and a number of additional donors, the project reached its stunning completion in November, 2011.

The Sonnentag Theatre at the IceHouse is dedicated to benefiting not only Mount Dora, but all of Central Florida.  We strive to provide Florida theater artists with high standards of production quality in diverse genres, and a range of opportunities to enrich their talents and experience.


The IceHouse Theatre honors the founding members of the IceHouse Players - those whose foresight, ambition, dreams and dedication established the art of the theater as a vital asset to the cultural life of our Community.

IceHouse Players Inc., September 17, 1948

Celia Clafin -President
Wm. Jay Barker - Vice President
Walter J. Patton, Jr. - Treasurer
Mae Buckman - Secretary
Gordon Goodrich - Director

John Barker, Bill Barker, Raoul Barker, Mr. Fred Bradford, Mrs. Fred Bradford, Mrs. Donald Gawthrop,
Edward P. Klatte, Betsy Kramer, Sally Leatherbury, Betty Jo McDonald, Betty Partridge,
Jean Patterson (Whitcomb), Mary Martha Simpson (Waite), Mary Taylor Simpson, Lola Tucker,
Mrs. Robert Graves, Helen Wages and Glen Woodworth